A New Year, A New Blog

I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted on here.  A lot has has happened, a lot has changed and a lot has..well, not happened.  There have been a lot of ups and downs this past year which are finally starting to level out with the New Year.  I won't write about it all, I'll just say that I hope 2012 is a better year!

The important thing is that I am back and I have a New Years Resolution to sew more.  I also want to blog more and to use this blog more efficiently.  So, to start things off, I found a new background, updated my profile picture, my About Me section and added a clicky thing to my new obsession, Pinterest!  I will be using this blog to keep myself on track of projects I'd like to complete for the year - well I may not be able to complete all of them this year, but I will try!  I have the supplies for a lot of projects and I'm running out of storage for fabric so now I need to get on those projects.  ;)  I'll be posting a to-do list on my side bar but will be using codes for some of the stuff since some of the people I plan to make stuff for read my blog.  :)

So, that's about it for now!  I have plans this weekend to sew some pillowcases for charity and for a friend who wants to buy a pair so I should be back soon with a picture post!  Until then, stay creative Bloggerland!


I need some inspiration!

Waaaaaaay back in April, I won this Tidbits Fat Quarter bundle:

Pretty yes?  Now what should I do with it?  Inspire me Bloggerland!!  :)