On The Cheesy Side


Recently I found that I am allergic to dairy.

A few things have happened since I've stopped eating dairy, including the soreness and burning in my legs going away, all my bathroom issues disappearing (I won't go into detail here...you're welcome!), better sleep, waking up in happy moods and losing 45 pounds.

Like how I just slipped that in there? I'm serious - since I've stopped eating dairy, I've been loosing weight without trying. My body feels like it's resetting or something. No big deal. :P

However, lately - just like the past few days - I have been missing dairy. Like with a fiery passion!!!

For example, I saw a kid eating a bagel with cream cheese the other day and I just wanted to rip it out of her hands, lick all the cream cheese off, then hand it back like nothing happened. What the hell is going on with me?!! That is the kind of passion and desire that I usually only reserve for chocolate and cookies, not for dairy!


Chips seem empty and lonely these days. I actually miss the plastic-like blob of cheese that happens when you make nachos in the microwave at home. Try going into a restaurant and ordering nachos without the cheese. I can just hear it now, "You mean...you want nachos - without the cheese? Like chips..and stuff?" *sigh* That just sounds so sad, but yes. This is my life now. Have you ever ordered pizza without cheese? The looks I get are as if I just asked to have somebody killed when I order pizza without cheese. I mean, I understand these looks - I'd give them out too if I worked for a pizza place. What is pizza without cheese?

How will the toppings stay on the crust?


Trust me.

Don't even get me started about trying to find something to eat at a Mexican food place!

Also, dairy is in EVERYTHING. And, it goes by many different names. I have to look even more carefully at labels. Now I'm the annoying one in the grocery store blocking the isles for too long reading every little ingredient on labels. I've gotten to the point that if the food has more than, like, eight ingredients, I don't buy it. I just don't, I'm too lazy!

I know there are a lot of alternatives for me out there, and I should be happy. I can eat vegan brownies, cupcakes, and drink almond milk and coconut milk - which I actually prefer over cow's milk anyway. There are even alternative dairy products like yogurt and ice cream, all of which I am happy about and use! However, where is the alternative carrot cake with cream cheese frosting?!

Am I ever going to get to taste my FAVORITE cake again?!