Merry Christmas! :)

Our tiny tree.  :)

With the dining room lights off.

With the dining room lights on.
Merry Christmas!


  1. Pretty tree! Where are all those stars I keep giving you? lol. I just wanted to let you know that I have jumped into the deep end of technology and ...are you ready???? created my own blog! Yes, I know, hard to believe! You can check out what I have done so far at: stitchinglifetogether.blogspot.com
    Please keep the critical remarks to a minimum :) I think it is a adequate first attempt. Am trying to figure out how I get all the interesting buttons and links on...hmmmm. I guess that will come in time. Tried to get a picture on your page as a follower but couldn't find one that was accepted so will try again another time. I also opened up a g-mail account: jjnteacher@g-mail.com.
    I am tired!
    Let us know when you have your new address.
    Love to you and Paul.