Wish List Wednesday

On this Wish List Wednesday, I would like to wish for more time. I don't seem to have enough these days. My day consists of getting up, going to work, going home then going to bed. It's like I have no time in between work and bed - or that time just FLIES. I *do* have some Christmas presents done, not all of them, but I don't any of them will get to their prospective places before Christmas. I need one day - really two - but I'll settle for just the one - one day to knock out those gifts. I hear about women how work full time AND make all their gifts AND cook AND clean for their families. To that I say - HOW?! Right now it's just P and me and I am struggling to just keep the house clean, even with his help! And then to save money, I decided to make presents?! What was I thinking? Yeah well, it does save on money, but really not on time.

So, on this loverly Wish List Wednesday - my wish is for more time.

*On a side note, I just saw my "waffles" label while labeling this post...guess what's for dinner? (Now I can add the waffles label! Awesome!)

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  1. yeah, I'm right there with you. I get extra time off from work, unfortunately it comes after Christmas. at this point i'll settle for getting the families presents done and my Christmas cards out. forget friends, they can get theirs late.