Look What I Made Monday!

When we moved in January, we moved into an awesome condo that has great windows.  I love all the light the windows offer, however, one set of windows in our stairwell looks right out to a kind of busy road.  I knew in January that I wanted to cover these windows but didn't want to block the light coming through them during the day.  While putting together my sewing room, I found this fabric that my mom sent me.
She found this fabric for $1 a yard at a discount store in Solvang, CA and bought yards and YARDS of it.  She made curtains from this fabric for her walls of windows in my parents' master bedroom and the result was bright and airy.

So since this fabric worked so nicely in my parents' room, I thought it would be perfect to use for our windows.  I think the result is beautiful!

  I kind of cheated and didn't sew any seams in the panels.  I just cut two 91" lengths, clipped them with these cool curtain clips and strung them on tension rods since the window casings are wood - and we are renting.  I also kept the selvage edges since the selvages are kind of neat looking.  My husband got into the action and opened and clipped on those those neat clips for me.  They are so hard to open even though they are some kind of fake metal!  The hold on to the fabric really well though.

I might take them down and seam the bottom, but to be honest, I'd rather leave them raw in case I decide to switch them out and use the dot fabric for something else.  I don't see me needing to do that any time soon though since I still have a couple of yards of that dot fabric left!!  :P

I can't believe it took me so long to do this project.  It only took about 20 minutes when I finally got to it and it was fun!  Tell me what you think!  :)

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