The BEST Server EVER! *sarcasm*

I decided today after having to actually CLIMB onto a plastic rack at WalMart to get the kind of cat litter that doesn't actually choke me when cleaning the boxes, that I would treat myself to a nice dinner at Denny's.  Okay, so Denny's isn't exactly a *NICE* dinner, but it was one I didn't have to make or work for - so it was nice for me!

Yahoo Sketch created by my friend Vicki and
I about a different Denny's story.  :P
At the end of the meal, my server, Daniel asked me if I was the best server I'd ever had.  God I hate it when people do that to me because I get SO tongue tied with what's nice to say and what I really want to say!  What I really wanted to say was this:

The Best Server I've ever had?  No, Daniel, you don't even come close.  The Best Server Ever would have noticed I brought in a laptop with me (the Denny's here has WiFi) and actually sat me at a booth or table close to an outlet.  If you had done that, I probably would have ordered dessert and a soda after dinner instead of having to run home to plug my computer in to finish the assignment I am working on.  The Best Server Ever would have brought me a LARGE *clean* glass of water WITH a straw when that was the only drink I ordered - and not made me wait 20 minutes for said straw.  The Best Server Ever has straws in their pockets at all times anyway!  The Best Server Ever would have asked me upfront if I wanted lemons with my water - which really isn't something exotic or anything - but if I had to ask, The Best Server Ever would have brought me new lemons, not already squeezed ones..and on an actual dish.  And when I ordered my food, The Best Server Ever would have asked me how I wanted my burger cooked so I wouldn't have to send it back and not wait an additional 20 minutes for the burger to be done right.  The Best Server Ever would have realized that the customers can actually hear you say, "I know man, it looked fine to me too!" to the cook about the seriously uncooked burger I sent back.  The Best Server Ever would have curbed his use of the word "Ma'am" to half a million times instead of one million times when speaking to a woman who gets asked if she's a new student when she walks onto a High School Campus.  The Best Server Ever would have realized that maybe some people do not enjoy you sitting down at their table to take their orders unless they knew you or were regulars to the restaurant.

So no, sorry, Daniel, you are not The Best Server I've ever had.  I am friends with the best servers I have ever had - and you can actually learn a thing or two from them!

To sum things up in a way you can understand Daniel, The Best Server Ever! would have gotten a better tip.

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  1. a "better tip"??? you actually tipped at all?

    he actually asked if he was the best server???? hm...

    comes close (imo) when a server asks you - when you're paying cash - 'do you need change'???