Weekly Meal Plan

So, I'm going to try this Weekly Meal Plan thing - if the snow will let me get the heck out of the driveway tomorrow to get groceries! I've been trolling Pinterest to find new, healthy recipes to try out. Since my husband is on the road, I'm cooking for one and this is hard for me...not sure why. But anyway, here is my plan:

Monday: Avocado Spinach Egg Salad

Tuesday: Turkey Wraps with Cucumber - I want to wrap them in lettuce or spinach tortilla wraps.

Wednesday: Crock Pot BBQ Chicken

Thursday: Breakfast for dinner - probably Toad in the Hole or Ham-and-Cheese Waffles or something, I haven't decided yet.

Friday: Either leftovers or maybe Darbi's with friends. I try to hang out with friends at least once a week. :)

Saturday and Sunday will be spent probably eating leftovers since the crock pot meal will most likely last forever. The original blog I got the recipe from says it will feed a family of three for two nights with a three extra lunches for the mom. See? It's so hard to cook for just one! Maybe I'll break it into fourths?

Now, here's the hard part...just for kicks, I want to do this all for as CHEAP as possible! I'll let you know how this goes. Hopefully avocados will still be on sale!

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