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 I am sitting on the floor of my sewing room trying to work up the courage and creative energy to cut into some fabric and sew some blocks together for my quilt guild's Block of the Month club, which I am months behind. I figured that now that it's summer and I have time, I should be able to catch up on the blocks. However, I find that mustering up creative energy when I have been without it for so long is difficult.

Today, like yesterday, I have nervous energy inside me, I guess to go with the VERY windy weather outside. I feel like I need to travel, to go places, see new sights, meet new people. Maybe this is because I've been moving every year for the past three years. Right about now is about the time of the year when I would pack up and relocate - but that's not happening this year, or any year in the near future. I'm done packing, moving and unpacking. I'm forcing roots!

Anyway, back to the Block of the Month club. I think the problem with this project is that I don't feel a connection to it yet. It's food themed, which isn't helping because I have trouble relating food describing words to quilts, fabrics, blocks, or anything other than food for that matter. Fabric is not "yummy" to me. I can't eat it, I can't lick it, or taste it. Well, I mean, I can - it's just not "yummy." It is, however, beautiful, moving, pretty, and so on. There are food fabrics, which I looked at. I don't really like literal food pictures of food on fabric either. I guess I picky. I did get some great fabrics though.

My problem could be that I'm alone, and it's quiet in my apartment. My husband is currently at school and won't be back for an hour or so. Many people find solace in the quiet and actually get more done, like my husband. But, I grew up in a small house with three other people. Wherever you where in the house, you could hear the TV, people talking to each other and other house noises. I find it unnerving to be by myself sometimes. It's just too quiet! So what do I have to turn to for noise? Either Netflix or Pandora. I have Pandora on right now...but I'm not sure it's sewing music. I mean, I love No Doubt and Queen, but they aren't really inspiring creativity in me today. I guess I'll try Netflix next.

PS - Those blocks are blocks I've done, but they aren't for the Block of the Month. I just thought I'd try posting them for inspiration. :)

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