Jamba Juice

P: Hi hun, I'm home! Smoothies in bed?
J: No, I'm going to get up but then Quixote laid on my arm. I'm getting up.
P: *sips smoothie*
J: What did you order?
P: *sips smoothie* Um, I really don't know!
J: What do you mean?
P: Well, I ordered a Berry Upbeat and then I turned around and this was on the counter. It looked like a Berry Upbeat, so I took it!
J: Is it not a Berry Upbeat?
P: It looked like one.
J: And you just drank it?!
P: I thought she made it pretty fast. Then she said that it was for somebody else. *walks away*
J: *laughing*
P: *from living room* IT LOOKED LIKE A BERRY UPBEAT!!

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