Renaissance Fair

The hubs and I went to the Renaissance Fair today. It was hot! I came prepared, with my Polish skin, plenty of sunscreen and a parasol! :P I'm happy to say that I did NOT get burned this year! Go me!

I wish I had thought the parasol through though, because on the way out I got charged an "umbrella tax" and I had to kiss a guy dressed as Zorro on the cheek to leave. He wasn't bad looking, but not as cute as my Zorro. And he was kind of sweaty. I used to work Ren Fairs as a member of the Peasant Guild, so I should have remembered about the shenanigans.

I got myself a beeswax candle and a "Hello Sweetie" pin that I shall wear FOREVER AND ALWAYS!

We also got henna tattoos.

We let the artist choose the designs and paid a flat fee. She put glitter on mine! :)

There were A LOT of people.

The Irish dancers told bad jokes between dances and often asked for audience participation.

There were vendors, food, games and actors. 
(At the time of this photo, everyone was watching the joust - there were people, I swear!)

There was hay. LOTS of hay.

Here was the queen watching the last joust of the day. I bet she was hot in all that heavy, and beautiful, garb!

The fair was held in a new place this year. There was actually a nice breeze and natural shade. Everyone seemed pleased - and not melting!

We had a lot of fun! The hubs wore his Doctor Who shirt and got lots of funny, random comments from random people. One girl got really close to us, whispered, "DON'T BLINK!" and then faded back into the crowd. LOL

Now that we are home, I'm going to go close my eyes for a bit..or maybe watch something on Netflix while the hubs works on homework. Hope you all had a great weekend! :)

(That picture was just for you Mom! Go ahead, gag away! :P)

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