It's been over year.

I've re-branded! See? Of course you see. How could you not?

I felt it was time for a change. I'm trying to put the foundation in place to start a jewelry/craft business called Hidden Stars. I tried to start this with the name JMNStars Designs, but I never really believed in this name, so it didn't go anywhere. My husband thought of the name "Hidden Stars" one day and it just feels right.

Kind of like when I recently changed my phone number. I could never remember my old phone number and kept mistaking it for my husband's phone number. My new number feels better and I've remembered it right off the bat!

Oh, btw, The Etsy store I started is now closed and I'm looking for a good website service for my jewelry and crafts.

Anyway, I have a few blog posts in mind for the near future and will be putting up regular posts showing off my designs here as well. I want to post at least once a week here either showcasing my designs, or just giving you a little sliver of my day that I find funny or worth sharing. I'd just like to put more energy into this blog and use it as another creative outlet.

SO! I'm back!

How have you been?

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