Friday Favorites on Saturday

So, I have been thinking about this blog and Fridays.  I'm not sure if I want to do a Friday Review Day or a Friday Favorites.  Maybe I'll just trade off and do either one I feel like!  :P  I know, I know, today is Saturday but I spent all evening on the phone yesterday catching up with my BFF and my Mom so it was too late to post anything last night.  Let's just pretend it's Friday for a few minutes okay?  Here we go!  Time for my Friday Favorites!  :)

One of my very favorite things is the sunflower.  I came to love sunflowers after my Great Grandmother (Grammy) passed away.  She loved sunflowers, had fake ones in her house, wore clothes with sunflowers on them and had a sunny personality like a sunflower.  We had a very strong bond when she was alive and sunflowers have always reminded me of Grammy since her passing.  I love them so much that I got a Blazing Red Sunflower on my left shoulder blade.

Sunflowers also seem to follow me.  There are sunflowers growing in my parents' back yard:

There are also sunflowers growing all around the area I live now:

I also plan on having Blazing Red Sunflowers in my wedding bouquet.  I don't know exactly what it will look like, but I know I will look one of a kind.  Which is why I probably can't find an example on Google!  :P  But, I did find this on the Modern Design Blog:

Okay, back to Saturday!  :)

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