It's Monday

Today is Monday.  I had a conference to go to today which was in a city 2 hours away from the city I normally work in and it was nice to sleep in a bit and get paid to be someplace other than my office.  However, I guess some lines of communication were crossed with my boss and her boss.  I was told by my boss to leave for the conference from my house and go by myself.  My boss's boss was under the assumption that she and I were going to go together and I was supposed to meet her at work.  My boss was going to tell her boss that she wanted me to go on my own but that never happened.  So now I'm kind of confused at what's going to happen tomorrow at work.  Was I supposed to go to work at my normal time and then leave in time for to get to the conference on time?  There was already 8 hours of professional leave on my time sheet for today.  If I did go into work on time and leave in time for the conference, that would have given me 2.5 extra hours to play with.  I could have gone home early a couple of days, but it might have screwed a lot of stuff up.  Work these days has not been slow and I have found myself working up until the very last minute when my Outlook tells me to go home.  Also, what would have happened to those 8 hours they had me scheduled for if I had clocked in this morning then clocked out around 10ish?  *shanking head*  I guess if I did something wrong, I can claim naivety. I'm new and was just doing what I was told.

On another note, the drive there was nice.  I passed a lot of fields of these bright orange flowers.  There didn't seem to be a safe place to pull over and take a picture of the actual field of flowers so I give you this picture that is kind of like it.  This is a random picture from a Buddhist Monastery somewhere.  Add more pine trees in the field and it would look like the flowers I passed.  I also got to eat at one of my favorite places called Wildflower Bread Company.  Everything I have eaten there there has been wonderful! Today I had a fantastic ham and swiss sandwich and a lemonade.

The conference itself?  Eh...I could have lived without it.  But, I did learn some stuff and was even able to answer some questions.  But, I am glad to be home.  And, I received the postcards I ordered two weeks ago.  I was so excited to get them!  But there is a problem.  I ordered the Wanderlust USA Postcard Box but received the Wanderlust: 30 Postcards for Insatiable Travelers. I contacted the seller about this, so we will wait and see what happens.  I'll keep you all updated.  :)

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  1. ok reason #2569 why we get along, all those things you talked about for my quilting record book? I have them. well I may or not have a spiral notebook (probably do) but I sure have the the little tabby deviders :-) office supplies rock.