Mac and Cheese

So, P came home tonight and said, "I'm kind of in the mood for Mac and Cheese tonight," when the discussion of What's For Dinner came up.  I responded with, "Well, do we HAVE any Mac and Cheese?" and he said no, since he didn't buy any when he went grocery shopping.  Yes, sometimes he goes grocery shopping on his own when I don't feel well, or just whine a lot about how I don't want to go.  I know, I'm spoiled!  :P  Anyway, when  the topic of Mac and Cheese came up, I instantly remembered the post over at So Many Veggies, So Little Time on her "Easy Peasy Mac and Cheesy" and decided to try it.  I pretty much followed the recipe to the -T- except I didn't have organic veggies.  Also, I had a brain fart and forgot how many ounces were in a pound and didn't cook enough noodles at first.  But this was an easy fix, I just added more later.  Oh and I used bow-tie noodles again because, well, BOW-TIES ARE COOL!  :)  Except for it being too cheesy at first because of less noodles, I give this recipe  five stars and would make it again in a heart beat.  :)  So thank you Sadie for the excellent meal idea!  :)

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  1. Yay! I'm glad you liked it! Bow tie noodles do rock! They are a personal favorite of mine.