Friday Review Day

What do you think of the new design?  I have been messing with this dang blog for an hour now trying to get the blog and the header to be the same size.  Why the change?  I just wanted to see if I could conquer the blog!  :P  It really wasn't that hard, just tedious since there is really not tutorial for everything I wanted to do.  I also don't like html and it doesn't like me, so I usually cut and paste the codes for the designs I like and doctor what I know how.  I think it's pretty cute myself!

I have been thinking about ways to make my blog more exciting - for myself - so I will want to post everyday.  I thought about doing a Wishlist Wednesday like my sister-in law of Lilac Barries, but I didn't want to just copy her.  I talked to her about instituting a Wishlist Wednesday like she has and she thought we could both do a Wishlist Wednesday and link each other's blogs!  Awesome idea, I thought, so look for this starting next Wednesday!

Today, I thought I would start a Friday Review Day, or Review Friday, or Friday Review...not sure which one sounds better.  I think I like Friday Review Day the best, it just kind of rolls off the tongue the best.  What does this entail you ask?  Well, on Fridays I will review something that I find fun or interesting.  This something could be anything like a book, movie, restaurant, TV series, etc...  It might just turn out to be "My Opinion Friday," but hey, it's my blog!

Today, I would like to do a short review of a book.  I have read a few books in the past few months, but this one just happens to be the last one I finished.  Darkly Dreaming Dexter, by Jeff Lindsay, is the book that the TV series Dexter is based on.  For those of you who don't know, the series - and the book - is about a serial killer who kills serial killers and what he does to try and fit into society.  It's like stepping into a serial killer's head.  We get to hear the internal dialog he has with himself and see the world the way he does.  What I liked about this book was (and this kinda sounds funny) that the characters in the book were portrayed perfectly in the series so the pictures that formed in my head while reading weren't in juxtapose.  In fact, the first series of Dexter pretty much follows this book - with a little creative license added to make the series more dramatic.  (I hate it when a series/movie doesn't follow the book at all - or when the characters in the book are rewritten so much that they no longer match the original character in the book - for example: Twilight)

I think Lindsay did a fantastic job writing this book but, I am a little put-off with how well he portrayed a serial killer who kills serial killers.  I would recommend this book to anyone who likes the series Dexter, or likes to read the books that movies and TV Series are based on, like me.  :)

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