Lazy, Grumpy Saturday

Today started out pretty lazy and grumpy.  Not sure why, but I woke up with a bone to pick with anyone who crossed my path.  Even my fluffy, black and white kitty Zorro wasn't left out of the wrath - he got cuddled and squeezed like a baby when he decided to join me in the bathroom this morning, which he LOVES (insert sarcasm) btw.  After a while of sitting around and watching "stupid HGTV" (it's not normally stupid, this was the grump talking!) and complaining about there not being a decent coffee/donut/bookstore places in either of the two stupid towns we live by or the stupid town we live in, P mentioned that we could go to Hastings in Flagstaff to see if we could sell some of our books and DVDs that we never read/watch or just don't need/like any more.

I perked up with the mention of Flagstaff.  I love Flagstaff - or Flag as the locals call it.  It is a college town with a diverse population, various places to eat, coffee houses, bookstores, TRADER JOE'S, Target and a bunch of other things we don't have here in our po-dunk town.  In fact, it was a HUGE deal when the ONLY coffee shop type place - not attached to a grocery store or gas station - opened here.  People acted as if they had never heard of such a place, "WHAT? A coffee huh?  You mean it's not in the Walmart?!"  (insert a horrible Arizonian accent here)  Ahem...anyway, back to Flagstaff.  So, P and I hopped in the car, plugged in the iPod and turned on the audio book we are listening too.  (Aren't we cute?!  We listen to audio books together!  I know, I know, *gag*)  We took the long way, passed a prison, drove through Winslow, saw really neat landscapes with low shrubs, red soil and a bunch of random trailers just kind of plopped in the middle of nowhere - and people actually live in them!  We also came across a school bus stop just kind of there in the middle of the road.  I guess enough people live randomly out in the desert that they decided to build a school?

When we got to Flagstaff, we hung out at Hastings and drooled over books, magazines and various other fun stuffs one might find in a REAL BOOK STORE.  We ended up walking out with only two magazines and store credit for the books and DVDs we sold.  We are planning on using the credit maybe for the kids for Christmas?  We'll see...a couple of books were calling my name today...and my bookshelves are looking kind of bare now with ALL the books I got rid of...  :P  After Hastings, we found ourselves a bit peckish (I swear internet spell-checker, peckish is a word and it's spelled correctly!  Stop squiggly-underlining it in red!) and ended up at Granny's Closet.  (I will write more on this restaurant in a Friday Review Day post, but yes, it does have a giant Lumberjack outside it)  After dinner, we went to Walmart and exchanged some horrible pants for a small cat food dispenser type thing and vitamins.  We then drove home the faster way through Camp Verde since we had to make it home in time to meet Dad online for SNL.  I am SO glad I made it in time for SNL because Betty White was the host!  She is so funny!  After SNL, I decided to write this blog entry and here we are.

So that was how my Lazy and Grumpy Day turned into a Not So Lazy, Pretty Awesome Day!

*That's right!  You're eyes aren't deceiving you - that is a Lumberjack label!  
I do plan to write a Lumberjack post someday.


  1. Oh my goodness, this made me laugh. Not because your pain makes me chuckle, only because it is so similar to my pain. I myself have done the "stupid town" rant more times than I can count!

  2. Aye, 'twas a fabulous road trip full of swash-buckling adventure! I know, I was there, I drove!