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It's Monday again.  Tonight is supposed to be the night of season premiers and there is nothing that I want to watch on.  Crazy huh? In other news, I got another postcard today, from Belarus:

I think it's really pretty!  I had never even heard of Belarus before until I got this postcard and looked it up.  This makes 12 postcards that I have received from all over the world.  I really am enjoying this hobby!  Receiving postcards from other places helps me bare living in this po-dunk town these days.  I also wanted to go back to my Roasted Chickpea post and talk about the plate.  Mama from So Many Veggies, So Little Time mentioned that she liked the plate, even though she only saw a little bit of it.  I wanted to show more of it to show just how adorable this plate is:

I got this plate from a very dear friend for my bridal shower.  It's hand made and feels like silk!  I want to get a plate hanger and hang it somewhere, but I just don't have the right place in this house.  So, it sits in my kitchen where I pass by it every day and touch it just because it's so soft and smooth.  :)  And the birdie is adorable!  I thought it would work really well while photographing the chickpeas - and it does.

I found this poem while traveling around the internet earlier today:

The Invitation
This moment
Invites us to attend a party already in progress.
All may leave their objections at the door.
No gift is necessary.
Please try to attend as you are attended,
And join the fun.
Missing this celebration will only result in
Missing this celebration.
The good news is this party will never end.
                                                - John Stalling, 2006

Thoughts?  Happy Autumn Equinox.  :)

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  1. I've really only eaten them in salads and in hummus. I might have to try your recipe, they look delicious.