A Wedding Update

The wedding plans are going along pretty smoothly.  I think the only thing P and I have left to do is choose the filler music.  We have all the important songs chosen, we just need to build up the playlist for the dancing/mingling part of the reception.  Anyone have any recommendations for good wedding songs?

The invitations have gone out and people are starting to respond.  Speaking of the invitations, I thought I'd share them.  I blocked out all the personal information because...well, it's the internets.  :P

They look better in person, but a scan will have to do.  :P  I designed the invites and then took them to Office Depot and the girl there doctored them up and made them perfect.  She also designed the response cards and printed everything for me.  The venue is The Gardens at Peacock Farms.  Go to their website and check them out.  It's a really beautiful venue that was created especially for weddings.  She thought of everything there is to think about regarding a wedding.  The owner is also doing my flowers!

I am getting excited but to tell you the truth, I'm also a bit stressed.  P and I are just now surfacing from some hard times and am finding the monetary flow more of a trickle than a gush.  It's enough to live off of though, and after a few more paychecks we should be able to really start building a nest egg.  But the wedding and the honeymoon are going to take all our nest egg we have at the moment.  But, we are managing.  To save some money, we scaled down the honeymoon to a few nights in a small bed and breakfast in Morro Bay instead of Disneyland .  We can always go to Disneyland later - or even set our sites higher and work toward a vacation in another country or something like that.  Maybe....Italy!


  1. I want to go to Italy!

  2. Love the layout! and sorry I haven't sent in my rsvp, but I think we'll be able to make it :-P

  3. We will all be there....only there was no rsvp thing, unless I totally missed it!
    Well now you know...And tell your dad, I will NOT be participating in the champagne drinking contest this time! Big Cheater!
    Love ya