Wish List Wednesday

As promised, it is Wednesday and time for a Wish List Wednesday!  I'll admit, I was unprepared and was not sure what to wish for.  Then I remembered that while I was making dinner tonight, I wished for a better kitchen.  One with some counter space would be nice.  Oh and an deep sink with a higher spout.  Something like this:

And perhaps something with a little more color and room to move around in, like this:

I also think a breakfast bar with some nice stools/chairs would be lovely too!  I think I like these the best:

I am particularly in love with red in the kitchen too, like this:

From quickly gathering pictures of lovely kitchens, I have realized that I am drawn to kitchens with white/off white cabinets and darker floors.  I also like the lighter colored stone counter tops.  As for kitchen colors, I am drawn to soothing background colors with pops of color here and there.

Ta Da!  That concludes my first Wish List Wednesday!  Go check out my sis-in-law's site, Lilac Barries for another awesome Wishlist Wednesday!  :)  She's kind of better at this than I, after all she started it!

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  1. I would enjoy the tri-colors of black, red, and white, in the kitchen. Of the pictures above, I like the 3rd one best. The earthy tones really inspires me!