I have a fun new hobby called Postcrossing.  It's free to join and fun!  I thought since I have a PO Box, I'd sign up and see where I get postcards from.  So far, I have sent out 15 postcards to different places all over the world and have received 11.  And here they are!
From Spain

From Virginia
From Indiana
From Finland
From Singapore
From The UK
From The Netherlands
From Canada
From Finland
From Puerto Rico
From Russia
I will update when I get a new postcard, but I promise there won't be this many next time.  I really do love this hobby because I love getting snail mail, but I can see it getting expensive if I let it.  This is why I have limited myself to only send out two postcards a week.   I am also waiting for my "sent" number of postcards to match my "received" number of postcards before I send out anymore.  I did purchase some really cool postcards two weeks ago from Amazon, (30 postcards for $8.00 - including shipping yey!) but they haven't gotten here yet.  Maybe that's why they call it "Snail Mail!"


  1. I'm going to say Finland is my favorite....I'm also going to say YAY FOR BLOGGING! :)

  2. Which one from Finland? The cityscape or the sheep? Blogging is fun! I'm taking it slow..I have a couple of blogs in my head but don't want to spam the internet yet. :P

  3. I also yay for blogging! I love your background and the owl I've seen before and totally thought of you!