A Charming Work in Progress

Remember this picture?  That bin Anu is sitting on is full of charm squares.  I love charm squares but I realized about two weeks ago that I had filled up this box that I had specifically designated for charm packs and was quickly running out of room to store anymore.

 So, inspired by this post from crazy mom quilts, I decided to make a raggedy quilt out of my charm packs.  To start the project, I went through my charm packs, picked the packs I liked then went through the packs themselves and picked out the individual charms I liked.  I didn't have any neutral flannel in my stash so I decided to use two of the the rejected charms as the filler.

 I sewed the charms corner to corner making an X and stacked them up for some neat pictures.  I love all the bright colors coming through in this picture!  :)

  Once the charms were all sewn together, I laid them out on the floor of the sewing room to check the size.  At this time, another of my kitty helpers, Quixote decided to put in his two cents.

Apparently he didn't like that charm in that space!  :P

I ended up sewing the charms together randomly and have gotten 6 rows sewn and a few more pinned, so far.  Here are the sewn rows pinned up on my design wall.  I love how it's turning out!

 Every square is different on the front as well as the back.  

 Even after making this quilt, the charm pack bin is still over half full!!  Maybe I should make another one?

I still have to sew some more rows, sew the rows together, snip all the seam allowances and then wash it.  I think it's too heavy for my washer though...  More pictures to follow when it's completed!  Thanks for visiting!  :)

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  1. Cool! Maybe you'll feel like making me a quilt!! :p