Sewing room!

Hi all!  I finally put my sewing room together and couldn't wait to post some pictures!  Check it out!  :)

My sewing station.  I got that table at a yard sale for like $2!  Like my red chair?  I got a pair of them for $40 at an antique store in Clovis.  They are sturdy, comfortable and the perfect shade of red.  The curtains were free and from my parents who didn't need them any more.  Also, I know it's night time, but the window really does bring in a lot of light during the day.  :)

My kitty helper, Anu.  :)  Take note of that bin she's sitting on - it's FULL of charm packs - I will write more on those later.

 My design wall - a flannel backed table cloth that I found at a thrift store for only $1!

  The ceilings in my room are slanted, but on this side they are SUPER tall!  My lantern is about 24 inches wide and fits nicely above my window so it doesn't block light coming in and it provides nice light for when I want to sew after the sun goes down.  I got the parasol at the Renaissance Festival in Mesa, AZ.

 My inspiration board and ironing station...and a step ladder that fits my computer perfectly so I can watch Netflix or listen to Pandora while I sew.  My sewing room is pretty much the ONLY room in the house not wired for cable.

 My cutting station and my small stash.  The fabric banner above my cutting table was made by my sister-in-law for my bridal shower.  I love it so much and couldn't WAIT to finally have a sewing room to hang it up!  Also, see that door?  It's only about three feet high and hides a closet behind it and is as long as the wall.  I can envision a nice stash growing in that closet...  :)

 This is a picture to show the slant of the ceiling..and the cute clock I bought to put over the door.  It's tiny but works!  :)

What do you think?!  Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you enjoyed the tour!  :)


  1. It looks great! is this upstairs?

  2. Yup, it's upstairs right next to the master bedroom. :)