Don't Break The Bank!

Living in our previous house was like living in 70's flash back.  The house was dark, covered in wood paneling and the carpets were thin, indoor/outdoor carpets glued onto the cement slab.  One day we came home and found that my piggy bank that my mom had given me had fallen off the dresser and was in pieces all over the bedroom floor.  I'm sure it had been pushed off accidentally by a kitty and shattered when it hit the floor since the floor was pretty much a cement slab.  We ended up getting another piggy bank at Target to hold the money that fell out of the broken piggy, but I just couldn't throw away this one.  It was just too cute and perfect!

 So, I found all the pieces and went out and bought some super glue that said it would glue together any medium.

 This project was difficult since I couldn't climb into the piggy and hold the pieces from the inside.  I actually had to file down some of the edges with a nail file to get them to fit from the outside.

 Luckily all the pieces pretty much fit and the piggy went back together pretty easily. 

 And here she is all back together!  :)

There are still scars from where she broke, but the glue is super strong and she is still holds money.  The new piggy from Target holds bulk of our change, because I don't trust the glue entirely, but she is holding some change.

 See how cute she is?

 Now you know why I couldn't just throw this piggy away!  :)

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  1. Your piggy bank is precious. I'm glad that you were able to glue her back together. The piggy bank I had (about the same size as yours) from a baby was stolen years ago when our house was broken into and I still miss it to this day.