Projects I'm working on...

Here's a preview for the block I made Jody S. in FL.  She didn't state a block preference and only a few color preferences so I hope she likes this block!  It was really fun to make.  :)

It's pretty scrappy - and I hope she doesn't mind that it came out kind of girly.  It is bright though!  This might not go out until this weekend seeing as how I don't get off work before the post office closes, but it will go out this week!  I will post the full block once I know that Jody received the block.

2. UFO's:

Two and a half inch strips that are eventually going to be two and a half inch squares.  Why?  Not sure yet...

Still not done with this quilt...

Fabric waiting to be washed.  :)
I also have three pillowcases pinned and ready to sew together.  :)  I didn't used to be the type who had UFO's laying around, but I can't seem to ignore the inspiration when it hits these days!


  1. Ooo I see a cupcake one! I love cupcake stuff!!!

  2. Love the colors in the sneak peek! Looks like you are busy working on several things!