Just Figuring Things Out

Sometimes you just need to type/write things out to figure it all out.  A little background - my husband is leaving the teaching profession and going back into Over-The-Road trucking staring this summer.  He is SO looking forward to this and I am happy for him.  I, however, don't know what to do with my life.  I do have a lot of different routes that are possible - all with various outcomes.  Here are the possible choices for next year:
  • I stay at my current position as a teacher here in Whiteriver, but in 4th grade instead of 6th.  However, the school district does things their own way, I am not being paid what I'm worth nor do I like the population.  The administration is also constantly telling me two different solutions for one problem - they just don't agree.  The work required of me is above and WAY beyond what should be required of a teacher and there are only a few bright stars.  I have to be "mean" all the time and be constantly on the kids to get them to do the simplest tasks.  Also, parents are not involved in their childrens' lives so it is hard to get any kind of support.  Teachers are not respected and an education is not valued. 
  • Look for a teaching job in the Pinetop/Show Low area - of which there is only one posted so far but I know of two possible others.  I know that the school districts in Pinetop and Show Low pay less that here in Whiteriver, but they are closer to were I actually live so I'd be saving in gas and being able to sleep in more.  :P
  • I look for a job as a teacher in California and *hope* that I get one.  My mom has been telling me that the Baby Boomers are starting to retire this year and I might be able to find a job pretty close to home.  However, the cost of living is super high and we'd have to go without any extras until my husband is done training and being paid as a regular driver - or a trainer.
  • I attended school (I have been accepted to a Master's Program) full time and substitute part time here, but not in Whiteriver - I would sub in the Show Low and Pinetop area.  The Master's program I have been accepted to is for a Masters in Library Science.  Working as a children's librarian would really be the ideal job for me.  Or maybe something along the lines of curriculum director or something.  I often thought about being a classroom management or a reading specialist too.  I'm not sure.
  • Join my husband as an over-the-road husband and wife trucking team.  For this to work, we'd have to be owner-operators, or leasing the truck so we can take the cats with us.  We would have to sell our cars, put everything in storage and not have a home base for a while.  We *would* be able to bank everything after expenses.  Doing this, I can see us paying off all our debts within a year/year and a half and maybe being able to buy a house after a couple of years.  As team drivers, we would get first choice of routes, we'd get the longer routes and we'd be able to choose whether or not we even want to drive.  So, we could, in a sense, drive somewhere, take a week off then drive somewhere else.  We would get paid to travel!  We both have friends and family all over the country and could finally see them more than once in a blue moon.  With WiFi all over the place and the hotspots that are out through the wireless companies, I could also go to school since my program is all online.  It would be a MAJOR adjustment but would also take away all the little things like dishes, house work, rent and utility bills.  I know we would still have the truck expenses, credit card bills and all the other bills that follow us.  But it might be worth it to come out of trucking debt free and with enough savings to put a down payment on a house.  Also, buy that time, the economy might have turned around and there might be teaching jobs in California for me.
I know this post seems like I'm leaning more toward trucking with my husband, but I just really don't know.  When I try to talk to him about this, I don't get a straight answer and it seems like he doesn't want me to truck with him but can't/won't tell me why he feels this way.  But maybe I'm just reading too much into all this and should just pick the one I feel more excited about - but even that is a hard choice to make since all of a sudden I feel like I should also consider the responsible routes too - none of which excite me that much.

I keep hearing in the back of my head that NOW IS THE TIME to do something if I'm not ready to settle yet.  I don't have any kids, my husband's kids are pre-teens and in the time of their lives where they pull away from their parents and try to start their own lives, we don't own a house or have any sick relatives to take care of *KNOCK ON WOOD* so now really is the time!

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  1. I'm so sorry things aren't working out with the teaching. You know maybe your DH is counting on you to have your job and home as something for him to come back to if the trucking gig doesn't work out. Gas is really expensive right now, trucking is not an easy job, either. I would talk to people who are doing it already, just to be better informed. You need more information!