You know, if I had the money, time and energy to be into something else, I'd be into Steampunk.  What is Steampunk you ask?  Well, it's pretty cool.  If you click on the word Steampunk up there, it will take you to a longer than life definition of Steampunk that mentions something about technology in the time when steam was used to run everything.  The article also talks about the technology used in stories like The Time Machine where that technology couldn't really exist at that time.  But if it did, it might look like this neat looking "windup" laptop:

Or these cell phones:

Steampunk has reached into every aspect of Science Fiction, including classics like Star Wars.  Check out this Steampunk storm trooper:

And this Steampunk Dalek from Doctor Who:

Steampunk has even become a culture or at least a way of dressing.  Here is a Steampunk fairy:

And a of a group of people in Steampunk garb - all but the guy on the far left I think:

Steampunk has made it's way into the media with shows like Warehouse 13.  All the technology looks old but really does some advanced stuff - like the Farnsworth communicators:

And Artie's main computer in the warehouse:

My favorite television show, Doctor Who, even got a Steampunk makeover when series 5 started.  The interior of the TARDIS went from this (totally alien and Scifi):

to this (still kind of alien but bit more Steampunked out):

If it was TOTALLY Steampunked, I guess it would look more like this:

But I digress...  The long and the short of Steampunk is taking the new technology and making it look like might have been  created years and years ago, during the 19th Century to be exact.  I know that the concept of Steampunk has been around for a while in books like 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea and Time Machine, but I'm not sure what the exact origin of Steampunk is.  It is one of those fandoms that just kind of appeared out of nowhere and appeals to many different people from Goths, Punks, cybergoths, and gamers to Science Fiction, Fantasy, Art Historical Fiction lovers of all ages.  There have even been some attempts at Steampunk music!

So go Google Steampunk and check out all the neat images that pop up - anything and everything has been Steampunked from motorcycles to spider robots and even flash drives.  So, yes, if I had the time, energy and money to get into Steampunk, I totally would!  Would you?

*All images are a result from a Google search - I do not claim to own any of these pictures and their rights remain with the respected owners.*

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  1. yeah but the fairy would not have shaved pits