Look What I Made Monday! (On Tuesday)

My best friend was visiting this past week and we made a TON of yummy stuff including Super Brownies, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies and Banana Banana Bread.  (A yummy post about the food is coming later on this week.)  Before she left I also made her a pillowcase.  She went through my fabric and picked a fabric for the body of the pillow that has all kinds of baking and cooking terms since we always bake and cook when we are together.  

I even had the coordinating fabric and I used that for the sashing.  

In between the two, she picked a bright yellow color that I wasn't quite sure about - but it worked out lovely! 

I really do love making pillowcases.  They are quick, easy and fun.  They also reflect their owner and not just to go with their bedding.  Here is one I made for myself a few months ago:

I kind of like elephants...  :P
Here is one I made for my mom this past year for Christmas:

Click here to learn how to make a pillowcase!
Making the pillowcase for my BBF kind of made me want to get back into sewing and quilting.  Hopefully this will happen soon!  :)  Thanks for dropping by and have a good week everyone!

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  1. Great pillowcases. How much fun to make one for your BFF.