I feel like such a failure

I wanted to keep this blog going by posting at least once a week.  That has not been happening.

I am behind on ALL birthday gifts this year.  I have them all, just never doled them out.

I haven't even sent out our holiday cards - and it's almost the end of FEBRUARY!  I rushed to get them shipped so I could send them out in time.  They are currently sitting on my mantel and mocking me as we type.

I joined Block Swap Adventures and just realized that the block needs to be in the mail by the 25th, and it's the 17th....and I have no idea what to make!

I haven't even made anything since the Christmas gifts.  My sewing room isn't even unpacked!

I lost two of my class' postcards for like two weeks until I opened my teacher's edition that I have been using ALL week and there they were!  The kids keep asking if they got to their destinations...*sigh*

I have been meaning to do a token turn in with my class and haven't in three weeks...

Lesson plans are due next week too...I have no idea what I'm doing regarding lesson plans...

I suck these days...


  1. Sometimes we just all need a little break from 'normal' life. I, as well as many other bloggers, went through a blah period after the holidays. So yours just lasted a little longer. When you are ready you will get back into the swing of things.

  2. you're in excellent company. I still have christmas gifts to mail. not all of my cards made it out either. and I haven't sewn anything since I went on the quilt retreat with your mom. actually my quilting stuff is quite a disaster right now.

    oh and I haven't started my block for block swap adventures either.

    we'll get there-eventually :-)

  3. Well, the "illness" seems to be going around, so don't feel bad. Put away the cards and save them for next year. Work on your lesson plans this weekend and and then work on your block. You can't do everything at once so prioritize. It will allow you to stop stressing. By this time next week things will be better.
    Deep breath! Love you! (and you are far from being a failure)